Remote internship

Remote internship can help you gain relevant experience globally
with the accessibility and convenience of working from home.
Remote internships are good paid - from $ 300 to $ 2000


What is a Remote Internship?

Remote internships provide the same work experience as traditional internships, except that they do not take place in person, but are completely online. The benefits are endless - security, flexibility, affordability - but nothing beats the ability to connect with fast-growing multinational companies from all over the world

Why consider our remote internship?

Our guaranteed remote internships offer you the opportunity to see what a global career looks like for a fraction of the cost of an internship abroad. You will have access to a global network, career advice and the opportunity to expand your resume.

Who is the remote internship for?

Our Remote Internship Program is designed for those looking to gain a global experience without traveling abroad. Whether you are a university student or a recent graduate, a remote internship can help you build a global network.

Career opportunities

At the end of the internship, if you want to develop your experience and be able to travel around the world, GIP will help you find a job in London, Singapore or New York, and the skills gained on the distance internship will increase your chances More than 65% of our interns get full-time jobs in companies

Distance internships from 3 to 6 months

If you are a student looking for an internship, this might be the perfect program for you. We relieve the stress of traveling abroad, be it getting a visa, buying air tickets or living expenses abroad. You not only gain experience and new practical skills, but you will also receive a salary from $ 300 to $ 2000 per month.


Duration 2-6 months
Cost of the program: 1340$
Directions: Marketing, Business, Sales, Finance (salary 300-400 $ per month)
Directions: Data Analysis, Programming (salary 700-1000 $ per month)


Duration 12-26 weeks
Cost of the program: 1340$
Directions: Financial Research, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing (Salary 1000-2000 $ a month)
The programe is out of stock.


Duration 2-6 months
Cost of the program: 1340$
Directions: Digital Marketing, Business Administration (salary 1000$-2000$ per month)
Directions: Data Analysis, Programming (salary 1500$-3000$ per month)

Process and conditions

Fill out the application form for the remote internship program. This is how it all works and the terms of the program.


Online application

Apply online and schedule an interview with our team. Application fee is $ 100. ... This fee will be refunded if your application is rejected following an online interview.


Selection of the internship program

If you successfully complete our online interview, you will receive an offer from us guaranteeing you a remote internship. To reserve a place in the program - a deposit of $ 620 (This amount is refundable, provided that we do not find you an internship program).



The whole process of paperwork takes 3-6 weeks from the day you make a deposit. The rest of the amount is $ 620 you pay as soon as you receive an offer from the company where you will do your internship.

Our partners

We work with some of the most prestigious organizations
in the world, from small and medium-sized businesses to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Still have questions? You can also contact us at

+998(98) 261-0774


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